CA 20 Sound-Standard Amplifier

CA 20 Sound-Standard Amplifier

SAE Audio patented Class I™ is the most advanced technology onhigh power audio amplification. The output signal amplifiedthrough a Class I™ power module accurately tracks the input signalwaveform, achieving a much greater efficiency and sonic qualitythan on other standard amplifier classes. Class I™ amplification iscapable to deliver extremely high power density with anunprecedented audio fidelity.Internal X-OverFurther quality sound performance can be achieved enabling theCA series internal crossover functionality for 2-way bi-amplifiedsound reinforcement systems. The CA series internal X-Over splitthe audio signal into separate frequency bands, routing the lowfrequency signal component to the CH1 output and the mid-highfrequency component to the CH2 output. For further performanceoptimization the crossover frequency can be easily adjusted from60Hz to 150Hz with a rotating knob located on the back panel.

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Model Number CA 20
Channel 2.0
Color Silver
Power 8200-Watt-4-Ohm. 7200-watt-8-ohm
Impedance 20k-OHM / 10k-OHM
Model Number/Name CA-20
Frequency 20Hz – 20kHz
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Weight 33Kg
Cooling 4
Automation Grade Automatic
Brand Sound Standard
Network Control Yes
Condition New
Remote Control No


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