CA 18 Power Amplifier OEM/ODM 1200W

CA 18 Power Amplifier OEM/ODM 1200W

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— This CA Series Power Amplifier is the H Class circuit.
— It is a circuit between the digital amplifier and a traditional amplifier.
— And it’s designed according to the professional HI-FI(high fidelity) standard.
— There’re two groups of high-power tube installed on both sides, in order to enhance the cooling efficiency.
— H class circuit is a kind of fast recovery circuit which is equipped with high efficiency intelligent cold system, DC protection, short circuit protection, overheating and overload protection, etc. It can work at 2 Ohms stable for a long time. The amp also makes the sound of speakers to be wide field, structured, thin, clear, uninhibited, glossy, good texture, perfect fitting the high-end speakers.
CA series is the high-end product in 2U 3U traditional transformer. Made by level two and Class-H amplifier circuit. More perfect on sound and stability than before. Ultra clear high frequency, full at mid, low frequency with a steady flow of motive power make the whole machine to most perfect performance. 2Ω output for long working time is available for many purposes in the engineering program. It is really the first choice of indoor recreation projects and larger outdoor performance.


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